Williamsville Junior High School
500 S. Walnut St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-3600
Fax: 217-566-2475
Attendance: 217-566-2325

2017 Bullet Baseball Spring Break Camp
Available to Boys currently in Grades 2-8
Signup and Insurance Waiver attached
Monday April 10, 9am - 2pm
Cost is $60 to be paid by March 24th

 max card program

Please register your Max card (County Market) to help WJHS and WMS earn the chance at winning $5000. The process is simple and takes just a minute or two.  You can register online or by dropping off the form at County Market.  

Online option: Follow link below to register online

Online registration

Traditional option:  open Max Card pdf to print off form, fill out, and turn into your local County Market store.

Please follow the steps below to gain access to Junior High Textbooks Online.  Please let us know if you experience trouble with the links provided.

1. Go to our district website......www.wcusd15.org

2.  Place cursor over Junior High, which creates a scroll down menu.

3. Click on Documents and Forms

4. Here you will see 2016-2017 WJHS Online Textbooks, click on this.

We hope this helps parents and students alike.

Again, should you experience any difficulty you may email a staff member to help address any technical difficulties you might experience.

Yours in education,

Clay Shoufler, Principal

Parents, Are you aware that the Junior High posts a Daily Bulletin every day?  It's simple to find.  Just go to the Junior High drop down menu.  Every day, important items are posted about things going on at school.  If your child is on a sports team, we'll post bus times, game locations, practice changes, etc.  Currently, we're reminding students about the upcoming school picture day (August 31) and soon to begin Student Council selections.  We hope you can find time during your busy day to check out the bulletin.

One Way Traffic

Beginning Monday, Aug 20, the traffic pattern around the Junior High School will be one-way only.  Vehicles will enter the junior high as normal off Walnut St, and will then flow in one direction around the back side of the junior high.  The pattern will have vehicles exiting the junior high campus going north on Pine Street.

Road Signs are scheduled to be posted this week for drivers to see.  Our community police will be posted to help with the new traffic pattern around the school during the first week.

Student Before School Drop-offs

8:00 am - 8:25 am

Students will be dropped off by parents at the back of the junior high's Fine Arts Entrance.

(This is a change from last year)

Student After School Pick-ups


Students will be picked up by parents at the back of the junior high's Fine Arts Entrance.

(This is the same as last year)

Student Drop-offs and Pick-ups (during classroom hours)


The dropping off or picking up of students due to appointments/illnesses will occur at the main entrance of the junior high school during the school day; as students/parents need to sign in or sign out before attending or leaving the building. 

(This is the same as last year)

Bus Drop-offs and Pick-ups

School busses will drop off and pick up students in the bus loop at the front of the school.

(Athletic busses will still pick up teams at the Athletic Entrance of the gymnsasium)



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