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Another Great School Year & Best Wishes Class of 2022

Another school year is nearing completion and the end of the challenging road to graduation for the class of 2022 has arrived. The journey for these students has been filled with great accomplishments and successes inside and outside the classroom. Our graduating class has represented our school district with class on all levels and it has been a privilege to be part of their educational experience at Williamsville Schools. The time has come for them to take the skills and qualities attained through their schooling experiences and impact our world in a positive manner. It is not a time to say goodbye to our graduates, but welcome them to a world of opportunity in which they are prepared to succeed.

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WCUSD#15 Community

For your review, I am sharing the November District Dispatch, "Time To Give Thanks."

District Dispatch Novmember 18, 2021.pdf

After you have read the article, be sure to consider applying for our open positions.

3 - Bus Drivers

3- Cooks

3 - Paraprofessionals


Time to Celebrate & Best Wishes Class of 2021

May 3-7 was Teacher Appreciation Week. May 6 was Nurse Appreciation Day, and May 7 was Cafeteria Cooks appreciation day. On behalf of the WCUSD#15 Board of Education, I would like to personally thank all the WCUSD#15 staff for what they do every day for our students. The WCUSD#15 staff is the most important variables in the district, and our staff unselfishly meet this challenge daily.

As challenging as it was, it is time to celebrate the academic success of another great school year at WCUSD#15. We have great schools with many opportunities for students. We have successfully navigated the challenges of COVID-19. Our teachers and staff do a wonderful job instructing, caring, and challenging our students.

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April and May are the months when the county clerk & township assessors finalize the taxing body’s levy extensions, mail out the property tax bills to the local tax payers, and send the final levy tax extension reports to school districts. Springtime is when the county clerk finalizes each taxing body’s tax rates. From these tax rate calculations, there are several tax extension/rate variables that are out of the school district’s and other taxing body’s control. Taxing bodies have no control over final township property assessments, property re-evaluation, township multipliers, Consumer Price Index (CPI), property tax appeals, and property tax exemptions. Increases or decreases in all of these uncontrollable variables affect a taxing body’s final tax rate which affects each individual property tax payer.

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Welcome back Bullets and Bee Bees! I hope you enjoyed a summer vacation or time off filled with fun and exciting memories with your family, friends, and loved ones. Each school year starts a new chapter and new choices in everyone’s lives. Everyone has the opportunity for a fresh new start, to make a change, challenge themselves, and set new personal goals. Everyone is undefeated!

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I want to encourage parents and families to be prepared for three types of school in August (In-person “normal school”; Remote Learning School; Hybrid School.) In the next three weeks school districts are supposed to be receiving guidance and direction from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). I believe schools are made for social connections not social distancing.

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District Dispatch May 2020


COVID-19 has affected our district financially, educationally, and our historical end of the year academic celebrations. COVID-19 has and is going to cause major challenges in all areas of operations of WCUSD#15. Together our two Villages are resilient and will be able to successfully navigate through COVID-19.

I feel it is important to take the time and reflect on the positives of WCUSD#15.

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WCUSD#15 Zero Tax Rate Change Facility Plan:
One Hundred Percent Need; Zero Percent Tax Rate Change; Benefits All Families

Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the registered voters and the residents of Williamsville and Sherman CUSD#15 will be asked to approve a proposal to provide funding for the WCUSD#15 Zero Tax Rate Change Facility Plan.

In schools that thrive in communities such as ours, we educate the students of each other’s neighbors, friends, and family members. Such close-knit relationships result in high expectations for our schools as well as the educational programming and services we provide, and justifiably so. The WCUSD#15 Zero Tax Rate Change Facility Plan is a way for the communities of Williamsville and Sherman to provide opportunities for our students, enhance, upgrade, and build district facilities so that our students may learn in a quality educational environment for many years to come.

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WCUSD#15 Facility Bond Referendum March 17, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions

We all play an important role in the investment in education. Education is a long-term investment and an investment for the future. Our villages’ investment is the children of WCUSD#15. We owe them the opportunity to chase their dreams and become model citizens for the future. We believe all people benefit from an educated society. The stakeholders in the villages of Sherman and Williamsville can be an active part of the investment. It takes all of us to invest in KIDS!

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Just The Facts!
Five Facts about WCUSD#15’s
Zero Tax Rate Change Bond Proposal

1.) All school buildings will be improved.
In order to create and increase student opportunities with classroom additions, keep abreast of best practices in education with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) labs and renovated instructional spaces, and make needed investments in district fine arts and athletic facilities, all schools in the Williamsville Sherman CUSD #15 district will be improved. This proposal will maintain our district’s commitment to providing the highest quality educational experience our children need and our families expect.

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Illinois 5Essentials Survey to Improve Student Learning & WCUSD#15 Facility Plan

Students, parents, and teachers weigh in on school climate and learning conditions

Williamsville Schools will join the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) in the statewide survey of school climate and learning conditions. The survey provides a unique opportunity for teachers, students, and parents to have a voice in improving their schools. Teachers, students, and parents will be asked to take a 10-minute research-based survey to help identify strengths and weaknesses in their school’s learning environment. This survey will also be an important chance for schools to reflect on progress since last year’s inaugural statewide implementation.

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Public school finance is often viewed as a complicated process. My goal is to explain the budgeting and levying process and give you a better grasp of school finance practices.

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District Dispatch November 14, 2019


As the Holiday Season approaches, I believe it would be a good time to recognize the people who make sure our students are safe, educated, and supported in our school district. As your Superintendent, I would like to publicly “THANK” the following groups who challenge and inspire the students of WCUSD#15.

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WCUSD#15 Facility Vision Plan Open House Invitation

Over the past two years, the WCUSD#15 Board of Education, Community Members, Teachers, and Administrators have been meeting to create a vision for improving WCUSD#15 schools and facilities. From these focus group meetings,a WCUSD#15 Facility Vision Plan was created.

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District Dispatch September 12 2019


As part of the educational process, we need to plan, practice, prepare, and educate the community and students of the importance of school security. We are very fortunate to live in communities which are great places to raise kids. For the most part, we are very sheltered from society’s ills, and crime is not something we often witness or are exposed to. Consequently, we tend to take for granted the comforts given to us by living in such quiet communities, easily forgetting the importance of being diligent in maintaining safe practices.

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