There will be a parent/athlete meeting taking place on Tuesday, November 19 at 7 pm in the cafeteria at Riverton High School for any student interested in participating in wrestling during the 19-20 season. 

This past Saturday, Williamsville and Vandalia were competitors on the field in the IHSA football playoffs. Following the game, there was a tragic automobile crash that claimed the lives of four members of the Vandals Community. As a way to help support the town of Vandalia during this difficult time, the Williamsville-Sherman School District will be donating all gate profits from athletic events this week in memory of the four lives lost on Saturday. In addition to these donations, there will be collection boxes as well where people can donate additional money that will be combined with the gate profit from each game. We hope that this small gesture will help in the road to recovery for Vandalia. Additional questions regarding this effort can be directed to Williamsville Athletic Director, Adam Eucker, or Williamsville Superintendent Tip Reedy.

District Dispatch November 14, 2019


As the Holiday Season approaches, I believe it would be a good time to recognize the people who make sure our students are safe, educated, and supported in our school district. As your Superintendent, I would like to publicly “THANK” the following groups who challenge and inspire the students of WCUSD#15.

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7th grade and 8th Grade Conference Information:

It has been a great start to the school year and the first quarter has absolutely flown by!  That means it is almost time for parent teacher conferences!!  
The 7th and 8th grade conference format is a bit different than 5th and 6th grade conferences.  Conferences are a "one stop shop" format where you meet with the grade level team, all 5 core teachers (math, science, english, language arts, and history).  You will be able to sign up online using the links below with the sign up genius for one 15 minute time slot to meet with the entire 7th grade team or 8th grade team of teachers.  We ask that you only reserve one time slot per student, so that way we can fit as many in as possible. The number of slots are limited, so if you are unable to schedule a time we will be glad to offer additonal conference dates and times for you moving forward.
The times available are between the hours of 12:30-8:00 Thursday, November 7, 2019 and 8:00-11:00 Friday, November 8, 2019.  If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the 7th or 8th grade teachers.
7th Grade Sign Up (click this link)
8th grade sign up (click this link)
5th and 6th Grade Conference Information:
Information regarding sign ups for 5th and 6th grade has been sent out recently by teachers at these two grade levels. If you feel you did not receive that information, please call the school offices and we will be glad to assist you.
5th Grade Center: 217.566.4070
Junior High (6th grade): 217.566.3600

WCUSD#15 Facility Vision Plan Open House Invitation

Over the past two years, the WCUSD#15 Board of Education, Community Members, Teachers, and Administrators have been meeting to create a vision for improving WCUSD#15 schools and facilities. From these focus group meetings,a WCUSD#15 Facility Vision Plan was created.

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District Dispatch September 12 2019


As part of the educational process, we need to plan, practice, prepare, and educate the community and students of the importance of school security. We are very fortunate to live in communities which are great places to raise kids. For the most part, we are very sheltered from society’s ills, and crime is not something we often witness or are exposed to. Consequently, we tend to take for granted the comforts given to us by living in such quiet communities, easily forgetting the importance of being diligent in maintaining safe practices.

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The Max Card Dollars for Education program has begun again and runs until December 31, 2019.  It is designed to aid local schools simply by shopping with the Max Card!  Each Max Card shopper must fill out a shopper registration form (see attachment) and return it to a store (Sherman County Market).  Participants can also log on to and click on the banner labeled "Max $ sign up" (all cards must be registered again even if they were registered last year).  Please register your max card today.  The more shoppers that designate WHS, the better chance we have at earning a $5000 check.

Williamsville High School has had a Tradition of Excellence in both academics and athletics since its inception in 1889. We have celebrated this tradition and the accomplishments of the students and staff of WHS in many ways over the years. Beginning this school year, we will have one more way to celebrate as well.

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Williamsville Hall of Fame beginning this school year. This joint effort between Williamsville High School and the Williamsville Sports Boosters aims to recognize the past achievements of individuals, teams, activities, clubs, and organizations that have excelled and left a lasting impact during their time at WHS.

Nominations will be open starting today (August 23, 2019), and can be submitted until 11:59 pm on Tuesday, December 31, 2019. The inaugural Hall of Fame class will be announced early in 2020 and will be recognized at a banquet and ceremony in the Spring of 2020. Individuals, teams, activities, clubs, or organizations who meet the following criteria can be nominated for the Class of 2020:

    1) Teams that participated and excelled in Williamsville High School activities, clubs, or organizations. Eligibility begins five (5) years after graduation.

    2) Individuals that participated and excelled in Williamsville High School sport, activities, clubs, or organizations. Eligibility begins five (5) years after graduation. Individuals must have earned varsity letters in the         partic ticipating sport for at least two (2) years to be considered. Individuals must also have graduated from Williamsville High School.

       - If an individual competed and excelled in a sport or activity not offered by Williamsville at the time of enrollment, Hall of Fame consideration can occur due to special circumstances (i.e. collegiate or professional     levels)

    3) Any past Williamsville Coach or Administrative Staff member.

    4) Those who have meritoriously served the district and/or loyal friends of Williamsville.

Additional information concerning the selection process can be found in the Hall of Fame by-laws on the Williamsville High School Athletic Department homepage.

We are extremely excited about this new endeavor and encourage you to participate by submitting a nomination today! You can submit a nomination by visiting this link:

If you would like any additional information regarding the Williamsville Hall of Fame, you can contact Athletic Director Adam Eucker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Booster Club President Jeff Carter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


In an effort to make the experience more enjoyable for all fans at Bullet Varsity Football games, Williamsville High School does not allow the saving and/or marking of seats prior to the gates opening at Paul Jenkins Field. All seating within the stadium is general admission and will be available on a first come first serve basis when gates open one hour prior to the scheduled kickoff time. Any and all materials placed on the bleachers prior to the opening of the gates on game day will be removed and confiscated. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the athletic department at Williamsville High School.

Bullets TV returns in 2019-2020 and will once again be your exclusive home for Bullets Football, Lady Bullets Volleyball, Bullets Basketball, and Lady Bullets Basketball on the NFHS Network. This school year you will not only get access to broadcasts of your favorite Bullet games, but you will also get access to over 160 games from the Sangamo Conference as well. You can start your subscription by going to the Bullets TV homepage at

Bullets TV Flyer

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