Parent Teacher Conferences

7th grade and 8th Grade Conference Information:

It has been a great start to the school year and the first quarter has absolutely flown by!  That means it is almost time for parent teacher conferences!!  
The 7th and 8th grade conference format is a bit different than 5th and 6th grade conferences.  Conferences are a "one stop shop" format where you meet with the grade level team, all 5 core teachers (math, science, english, language arts, and history).  You will be able to sign up online using the links below with the sign up genius for one 15 minute time slot to meet with the entire 7th grade team or 8th grade team of teachers.  We ask that you only reserve one time slot per student, so that way we can fit as many in as possible. The number of slots are limited, so if you are unable to schedule a time we will be glad to offer additonal conference dates and times for you moving forward.
The times available are between the hours of 12:30-8:00 Thursday, November 7, 2019 and 8:00-11:00 Friday, November 8, 2019.  If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the 7th or 8th grade teachers.
7th Grade Sign Up (click this link)
8th grade sign up (click this link)
5th and 6th Grade Conference Information:
Information regarding sign ups for 5th and 6th grade has been sent out recently by teachers at these two grade levels. If you feel you did not receive that information, please call the school offices and we will be glad to assist you.
5th Grade Center: 217.566.4070
Junior High (6th grade): 217.566.3600

Williamsville High School
900 S. Walnut St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-3361
Fax: 217-566-3792
Attendance: 217-566-2325

Williamsville Junior High School
Grades 6-8

500 S. Walnut St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-3600
Fax: 217-566-2475
Attendance: 217-566-2325

Williamsville 5th Grade Center
Grade 5
504 S. Walnut St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-4070
Fax: 217-566-2183
Attendance: 217-566-2325

Sherman Elementary School
312 South Street
Sherman, IL 62684

Voice: 217-496-2021
Fax: 217-496-2473
Attendance: 217-566-2325

Williamsville-Sherman CUSD #15
800 S. Walnut St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-2014
Fax: 217-566-3890
Attendance: 217-566-2325

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