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SES 4th Graders Recycle


This article was written by the Publicity Committee of Mrs. Kluemke's Class Marker Recycling Project: Riley Mendenhall, Drew Mirabile, Tyler Richter, Bronson Gold, Richie Griffith, Cade Sherrock
What do you do when your marker runs out? You should Colorcycle it! When you recycle your markers this way they go back to Crayola and get turned into plastic materials instead of going into landfills.  You can recycle all kinds of markers even if it is not Crayola! You can recycle dry erase markers, Sharpies, highlighters, and more! Look for a box in elementary classrooms or the Sherman Elementary office to put your markers in. Crayola will pay the postage for us to ship the old markers to them for recycling. We thank you for your support and for helping donate these markers to Crayola!
In the photograph:
Students in Mrs. Kluemke's 4th grade class are starting a Colorcyle Marker Recycling program. They  created posters and wrote articles for newsletters to let people know about this program and they even spoke on the morning announcements about it at the elementary school. They created drop boxes for classrooms where students can put their old markers for donation. Crayola will pay to ship these markers to their recycling facility. These students are excited to find a new way to cut down on items going to landfills.
Back row:
Madison Kloba, Naomi Roberts, Kylie Shull
Front row: Emma Kern, Garrett Bergquist, Delaney Lines
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